My passion for wine and how to say it in words

Experience Bordeaux, its wine estates, vineyards and Bordeaux wine


Maria Melin-Bonfils has lived in the Bordeaux region for over 30 years, thus gaining an important experience in what Bordeaux can offer tourists. Maria has also a deep knowledge of wine production, wine business and wine tasting based on academic studies, wine tasting courses and professional experience. Through her years in the wine education sector, she has acquired a wide network of wine producers and wine merchants.

Maria organises trips for wine lovers who want to deepen their knowledge of Bordeaux wine. She also offers trips for those who want to discover different parts of Bordeaux and want to mix a fun trip with more informative visits to all that the Bordeaux Region has to offer: from Bordeaux as a cultural city, the Atlantic's sandy beaches, oyster farms and of course the unique vineyards.

On these unique trips, she shares her passion and love for Bordeaux and all its different wines. She offers exclusive experiences that far outweigh traditional wine tours, as Maria will be a personal guide during the stay. You will discover not only the most prestigious châteaux but also less known treasures. During the personally guided tours, we visit the wine estates with their vineyards and wine cellars, from Bordeaux's various wine districts. Together we will discover and taste the different wines that the region offers.

The importance of words


Maria is trilingual; Swedish, English, and French with academic education in English and French.

Her translations use an accurate and technical vocabulary with the aim of preserving the global meaning of the text with a polished style.

As an interpreter, she adapts herself through the choice of words to different contexts, adapted both to professionals or wine lovers, but always with the same passion for wine.

Operational training seminars



As an experienced teacher in continuous education and with her expertise in the wine industry she offers two types of seminars:



1) seminars to improve your English or French in the wine world; "From the vine to the wine glass"

2) seminars in marketing and international trade in the wine and spirits industry.

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